Let's Go!

Why should I join a group?

We learn in rows but grow in circles.  Community is critical to our growing process and our faith walk. Therefore, groups are an integral part of the mission of WEFC, as we aim to live authentically, becoming complete in Christ. There are two types of groups at WEFC that share the purpose of connecting people relationally to one another while also studying God's Word. Check out the two options of groups, and determine which type of group would be a good fit for you!


Neighborhood Groups

A place to form connections, relationships, and a sense of belonging centered around living life together in YOUR region, meeting YOUR neighbors and serving YOUR community. These are groups that meet bimonthly, based on geographical location, and will be fully integrated with young adults (18-25 yrs), singles (parents, widow/widower, divorced and simply single), empty nesters, and middle aged couples.  Through our diversity, we hope to value each person by learning from each other, loving on each other, and discovering the unity we have in Jesus.


Interest Groups

Interest Groups most often meet on campus and are a time to come together to study God's word, encourage each other, and play out practical application of God's truth in our lives.  They usually meet weekly for 10-15 weeks.  We offer women’s bible studies, men’s bible studies, books of the Bible studies, topical studies, and many others.  Use the link below to find out what is currently being offered.




Here is the link for the request to sign up for a group: