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Jesus’ new commandment to love one another is meant to be taken seriously.  We hear it repeated throughout the New Testament as the ‘one another’ command.  And this one-anothering is best expressed and carried out in small, relational contexts.  Therefore, groups are an integral part of the mission of WEFC, as we aim to live authentically and aid individuals in becoming "Complete in Christ".  Our example of how to do this is found in the life of Jesus, who teaches us how to love and obey God and love one another.


There are two types of groups at WEFC where people connect relationally, converse biblically, and care personally: Neighborhood Groups and Focus Groups. As you consider which group would be good for you, know that we’d love to help assist you in finding a group.


Fellowship - We learn to live in Gospel relationships. We desire individuals in our groups to be dedicated to resolving their relationship issues using gospel principles. We also encourage them to humbly motivate each other towards Christlikeness.

Bible Study - Our goal is to gain knowledge from God's Word, which is the ultimate source of truth about God and righteous living. We aim to implement this knowledge into our daily lives.

Prayer & Care - As Jesus taught through his life, we are called to love one another. This can be achieved by praying for each other's personal transformation, as well as their needs. Additionally, we can show our care by serving each other whenever opportunities arise.

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