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Mission, Values & Guidlines


Our mission at Westfield Free Church is to help everyone become complete in Christ. Someone who is growing in Christ will show the four following marks of completion: Love for God, Living Authentically, Growing Together and Engaging the World for Christ. 


In order to provide the most God honoring worship experiences for the body of believers at Westfield Evangelical Free Church, we in the worship arts ministry will strive to uphold the following values.


Community: We desire to establish close, biblical relationships within our ministry teams to encourage, strengthen, correct and care for one another. (Rom. 12:9)


Honesty: We are dedicated to communicating truth to others and living honestly/real towards one another. (Eph. 4:15)


Authenticity: We desire to show people that we are real and admit to struggling with the same problems they face. (Rom. 12:3)


Experiencing God: We desire to experience God in our worship gatherings and lead others to encounter the living Lord, knowing that these moments most naturally arise from a heart that is following Him daily. (Matt. 18:20)


Excellence: We desire to serve the Lord with all our hearts and to the best of the abilities He’s given us. (Col. 3:23-24)


Relevancy: We want people who attend our services to know that we know and understand the challenges they face and that we care. What we do in the arts is an extension of the relevant messages and applications found in the Scriptures.  (I Cor. 14:19)


Creativity: We desire to communicate fresh expressions of eternal truth in ways which speak to all members of the worshiping community. (Psalm 96:1)


Consistency: We desire to communicate truth through the arts with excellence on a consistent basis. We strive to produce great art week after week for God’s glory. (Heb. 10:35-39)


Evaluation: We desire to consistently evaluate our worship gatherings to improve our


Our Guidlines



  • Attend WEFC worship services even on weeks you are not serving.

  • Attend and participate in team-specific gatherings. 

  • Attend leadership development, volunteer appreciation, and WEFC community events. They are educational, fun, and help create opportunities to be influential.


Note: While it is important that the attendance guidelines are met, we do understand emergencies will occur (family, job).



  • Be available to serve a at a minimum of once a month but twice allows the greatest synergy to be created within the group. 

  • Serve on short notice. We work hard at being very proactive to avoid changes on short notice. Should a change be necessary, your support will help keep the team focused on the greater purpose.   



  • Prepare. Pray and practice. Practicing is for you. Rehearsing is for the team.  For example, worship team member practice several hours a week so that they are prepared at the time of the group rehearsal.

  • Be punctual to all rehearsal and services times. This is out of respect to fellow teammates and keeps everything on time, as scheduled.



  • Respond to serving requests. If you remain unconfirmed two weeks before your scheduled date, we will remind you to respond within 2 days.  If unresponsive, you will be replaced so your counterpart has time to prepare. 

  • Contact the Worship Pastor with schedule questions, issues with our online planning system, and music file questions and corrections. 

  • When confused about ministry, bring questions to your leaders.  We all make mistakes.  However, there is a right way to address issues while valuing unity and relationships.  Give others the benefit of the doubt, ask questions to seek understanding.

  • Contact the Worship Pastor when discouraged or unhappy.  We have an open-door policy. Communicate hurt feelings, resentment, confusion. Do not gossip, behave passive-aggressively, make false assumptions. These are some examples of words and behaviors that are confusing, damaging and dividing. A pattern of this behavior is handled by the Worship Pastor and can result in dismissal.


Dress Code


In terms of style, we want to be relevant communicators in today’s culture while omitting any possible distractions in worship. You are allowed to be your authentic self, stylistically, while being sensitive and respectful to others. We have an amazing opportunity to lead our congregation to God as we reflect God’s work in our lives, authentically. Obviously, clothing styles do not adequately reveal the integrity of our relationship with God, but they can be a distraction to others as they are trying to worship. 

Here are a Few Things to Avoid

  • Avoid wearing skin colored clothing

  • Avoid clothes that are too tight, or that expose too much skin

  • Avoid clothing that is too distressed (Distressed jean knees only)

  • Avoid shorts

  • Avoid sleeveless and tanks

  • Avoid Logos and Pictures as they may send an unintended message

  • Avoid Hats

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